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The young Matt Walker was raised a fisherman and turned huntsman in his early 20s. A favorite phrase in the beginning was, “if it flies, it dies.” As it goes, he started with duck hunting. I endured the bitter cold my first trip with him on the Cotton’s Family farm. He mastered the duck call in his truck traveling from here to there or in my studio apartment in Stillwater. 

As his skills improved, and his dreads got longer, Matt began guiding groups of hunters. He would host weekend-get-always. Most guys would return every year because of Matt’s ability to spoil them. Once, he built a wooden cow silhouette to camouflage himself and my brother in a field hunt for geese. Needless to say, that idea was quickly thrown out with their muddy boots. 

Over the years, Matt’s passion for hunting has grown from duck and geese to dove, pheasant, turkey, deer, and thermal night hunts for wild boar. He has helped farmers reduce the number of hogs tearing up their fields to lowering the goose population of The Greens Country Club golf course! 

Matt has teamed up with Veteran support philanthropies to give back to men and women who have served our great country. He hosts annual dove and pheasant hunts for Warriors for Freedom and Veteran’s Corner raising thousands of dollars. Additionally, he guides kids during the youth hunters weekend. 

Matt learned to clean and butcher everything he kills to fill our freezers. Not only is Matt a great shot, he’s an even better cook. He shows his love by feeding others. On a number of occasions, his wild game has been bartered for seafood from the Gulf. The Walkers really know how to eat! 

Last but not least, Matt cares greatly for the ethics of hunting from education to conservation. He knows the importance that comes with population control and nuisance animal hunts. He has many connections with Game Wardens and land owners alike. 

Now, Matt gets to share his hobby with his two sons. I am excited to see this passion grow with our children. 

Your loving wife, 
Tiffany Walker 

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