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Doug started hunting when he was prob 6 or 7....shot his first deer at 8 and he was hooked. He enjoys hunting deer the most I would say. His dream is to hunt for big game like elk or moose. Not much can get him out of bed early except deer season. And the only exercise he enjoys is walking fields to hunt birds. 

He grew up working on a farm and farm equipment. He could work on tractors when most kids his age were just learning to ride a bike. 

Doug is one of those guys that is annoyingly good at everything he tries. No matter the sport or task he will be a pro.

Doug is a hard worker, he's been at Pepsi for 16 years and his work ethic is perfection. He's the most dependable guy an employer could dream of. 

He has a big heart, he enjoys his children and sharing his love of hunting with them. A dream date for him would be to take me to the deer stand. 

We got married at 18 and 19, just a couple kids. But it was the best decision we ever made. Doug is one of the good guys...God fearing, country loving, hard working, old fashioned and just a good ole country boy.

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