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Josh grew up in Canyon Texas but his mom was raised on a farm in the Oklahoma Panhandle where Josh spent weekends, holidays and summers with his cousins learning so much about the outdoors. Hunting and fishing quickly became a great passion of his.


As he grew into adulthood the many friends he made shared his interest and so did his love of “hunting season...” Josh has such a healthy love for life and the outdoors. Living in Houston gives him so many options to utilize his many outdoor interest; such as golf, water sports, basketball, and spending time with those he loves to teach... because we all know he is ALL knowing about his sports! If you believe him, just ask.


Josh is goofy, tough, fun, and has a passion inside. He has never met a stranger and is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. His passion for killing wild hogs probably exceeds every other species, and he will do whatever it takes to knock them down. Josh does have one sickness that unfortunately has no cure....He can never pass up a good deal on a new gun!

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